In this short Story of Sandgate an effort has been made to gather the background story of the town and its early development. Few of the present generation have knowledge of the pioneers' early struggles for existence and the laws enacted by the new State of Vermont during the latter part of the eighteenth century in order to organize the government of the towns. Each town had its own local government, and still has, as in Colonial times.

          Material has been gathered from many sources, and that which is descriptive or explanatory of the text is covered by footnote annotation, and is keyed to the text by means of numerals. The spelling and capitalization of quoted material have been left unaltered, regardless of errors and variations from modern practice.

          Some of this material has come down orally. Some has come from Sandgate town records, some from Vermont State Papers, and some from records of the Probate Court, District of Manchester, Vermont.

          A Bibliography is given on page 61 of this booklet. This material will enable the reader to follow further any particular item of interest.

          The fact that so much material has been developed from casual conversations, scattered and faulty records, and informal statements of facts of family tradition, makes it difficult to be sure that all sources are properly listed. If any such sources are not given, the omission is wholly unintentional and a matter of personal regret. With these sources also in mind, I gratefully acknowledge my indebtedness to the many individuals who have contributed so generously of facts and materials for this booklet; to Mr. William Tefft Schwarz for the cover design, being the artist's conception of the "Meeting House," or Congregational Church; and to Dr. Wentworth Williams for his interest and helpfulness in editing the work.

Irma Renner Signature
Town Clerk of Sandgate, Vermont
1953 - 1961

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